Leonard bot

Integrate Telegram with Product Hunt, Uber, Foursquare and more

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Do your everyday tasks much easier! With Leonard you can order taxi, find a cool place near you or calculate Math expressions. Slow internet? Not a problem, bot sends you only main information and saves you from heavy Javascript files and images. Funny memes from 9GAG and powerful photo filters based on neural networks with Vinci — Leonard is perfect for fun! 

Leonard can send you periodical messages: for example, everyday morning forecast, notifications about upcoming rain, daily meme or Product Hunt subscription. Bot works anywhere where. 

Telegram works: macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, WP and even Firefox OS! By the way, Telegram is very secure and fast.

2 Reviews of Leonard bot

Alexey Alexey Dec 20, 2016

Great bot! I especially liked memes from 9GAG xD