Manage your teams annual leave entitlement and leave requests with Slack.

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LeeveBot gives you convenient team leave management through Slack. No more messy spreadsheets or lost email chains and it takes just 5 minutes setup. LeeveBot will make managing your team leave easier than ever before. Assign leave approvers and using simple commands perform tasks such as: 
  • Keep track of your remaining leave entitlement. 
  • Requesting leave for approval. 
  • Manage leave requests. 
  • Review past leave requests. 
As an approver you can also: 
  • Keep track of leave entitlement for the entire team. 
  • Approver or deny leave requests from team members. 
  • Manage team members leave requests. 
  • Request leave on behalf of another team member. 
LeeveBot sends notifications when someone is on leave and helpfully works out what day they’ll be back at work, taking into account their working days and any public holidays (all configurable by you).

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