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As a Facebook marketer, you spend lot’s of time analyzing ads and making routine operations with your ad campaigns. It can take 4 hours per day and become an unnecessary and ineffective way to spend a company’s marketing budget - 60 percent of ad spend is actually wasted. 

Two of the big challenges for Facebook marketers today are: 
  • Identify budget waste ASAP 
  • Decide what exactly to do right now to improve ads performance 
To start optimizing your Campaigns with Leadza first you need to set target metrics which would be a good result for you till the end of the month. Leadza will constantly analyze your campaign performance and signal about potential risks and opportunities. It will send you an alert if something in your Campaign needs your attention. 

The most impressive part of the product is that Leadza creates the best optimization strategy for your Ad Campaign. As soon as you will define target metrics Leadza will give you an action plan with the list of precise and smart recommendations which help improve campaign performance and achieve your goals. As a result you don’t need to be frustrated and spend time on deciding on your next step. 

Leadza will think instead of you and offer the most effective solutions which saves you ad spend and improve campaign performance up to 3x. Facebook marketers can meet Leadza in Facebook Messenger getting notifications on their mobile phones wherever they are.

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