Le LunchChef

Never miss a lunch rendezvous again!

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Never miss a lunch rendez-vous again!

Uh la la...you work in a 'uge enterprise and you want to arrange une lunch rendez-vous with your amis?

Oui, it is sometimes complicated. Avec the LunchChef it should be easier to go out for Lunch together as a team.

Le LunchChef 'elps you planning le lunch as a team: 

  • Add LunchChef to a room and he will give you une quick tour d'explanation on how it works
  • Start a LunchChef conversatione by telling him where you want to go and when
    • E.g. LunchChef to LePetitBistro at 12:00
    • If you are using it the premiere time, it will ask you for your timezone (Paris obviously...)
  • The LunchChef will then notify everyone in the room in a 1:1 conversation if they want to join your voyage to LePetitBistro
  • Notified amis can join by saying YES or JOIN or 'ELL YEAH'
  • Ask LunchChef any time about the status of your Lunch Tour by asking him "LunchChef status"* 5 minutes before departure, he will notify everyone it is time to leave* In case you cannot make it (sacrĂ© blue!) , you can cancel it at any time by saying "LunchChef cancel"

Bon appétit avec le LunchChef! To get started go here

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