A stable and fun music bot for Discord

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A stable and fun music bot... Advanced but simple. Plays songs from YouTube, radio stations, Twitch, and more! A cool lil music bot that'll do just about anything you want it to.

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Emmanuel James Nieva Emmanuel James Nieva Jul 16, 2018

What are the commands for this bot?

Dennis Mariquit Dennis Mariquit Apr 29, 2018

where can i edit the files like music vc

Elizabethv216 Elizabethv216 Oct 30, 2017

Creep78910, you just do the kp=help command and you should be off the hook. if there's any problems just come to ,my support server:

Creep78910 Creep78910 Oct 15, 2017

How do I start it???

Elizabethv216 Elizabethv216 Oct 3, 2017

that should be fixed by now.

Loannhi005 Loannhi005 Aug 23, 2017

Can you fix the glitch where music is playing on kp bot but when I say remove the queued music, it says, "no music is playing right now."