Kids Court

No more fighting! Take your rivals to Kids Court and watch them get what they deserve.

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Kids Court is a mock trial game, letting kids and parents work out their disagreements by arguing their cases to Judge Lexy, just like they would do in a real trial. Judge Lexy asks a series of questions, summons any relevant witnesses, and finally rules with funny dare-style verdicts. Verdicts are final and all sides have to obey! Kids: Take your naughty friends, siblings or parents to Kids Court and get a ruling! When someone's being unfair or nasty, bring them to court and let Lexy judge! Parents: No more "she pushed me/he started it". Send them to Kids Court and let Judge Lexy decide. While you rest, they will learn some basic facts about the US judicial system. They will learn to present their cases coherently and speak up for themselves. And when they don't listen to you, take them to court and watch THEM execute crazy verdicts! More on:

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