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Karmabot is a complete HR solution for remote teams of any size. Build stronger, happier teams, set long-term goals, track performance and reward excellence.

Give and track performance points (karma). Set monthly salary bonuses based on karma points. Set quarterly goals and let people see their performance compared to their colleagues. Give extra points to the teams for shipping the product earlier. Inspire team members to share some karma with each other. Create a better work environment by rewarding excellence.

Each karma request must have a sound reason and has to be either approved or rejected by the admin. Anyone can request karma. Make bulk karma requests for all #channels members.

But most importantly, Karmabot uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Machine Learning technologies to read, recognise and predict the reasons provided with your karma requests to create a profile for each team member.


#product 20++ Sweet karma to everyone for meeting the deadline!

Rad! @designer got +20 karma from @pm

Sublime! @programmer got +20 karma from @pm


@designer ++ For being super responsive!

Great! @designer got +1 karma from @programmer


@designer ++ For being super responsive!

Great! @designer got +1 karma from @programmer


Karmabot handles karma, and you choose what to do with that data. Here are some ideas:

• Fair performance reviews

• Monthly or/and quarterly bonus system

• Awards of all sorts

• Teams engagement visualised, etc.

• Team statistics and Karma profiles

Try Karmabot for free during the 30-day trial period. The app requires a paid account with our service (secured by Stripe).

Since its launch in 2016 Karmabot got adopted by hundreds of teams all over the world: VMWare, Twitter, Expedia, Toyota, Capgemini, SalesforceIQ, Deloitte Digital, Nintendo, AMD Team, Washington Post, SignalCo, Smartsheet, Red Hat, Inc., Walmart, BuzzFeed, Dropbox, PwC ICC, Hi5 Studios, TLC, and 1200+ more are using this bot.

Contact developers at hi@karmabot.chat

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