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Ingramer — Instagram tool that you looking for so long. Our service designed for those, who appreciate qualified work and simple design. Ingramer perform following/unfollowing, auto liking, scheduled posting, comment tracker and direct messaging. All these options are based on innovative system core that runs on highest speed.

If you unfamiliar with Instagram automation tools, our friendly support team, that is available 24/7 will gladly provide your with guidelines, advices, pre-sets, templates for direct message service and account analysis, that contain personal recommendations for promotion strategy.

For those, who want to improve the results of their promotion or just interested in «hidden features» of Instagram we keep a blog with articles that contain a lot of useful tips for everyday using.

Step on the road to glory with the Ingramer!

1 Reviews of Ingramer

Olga Kravtsova Olga Kravtsova Feb 11, 2019

You know, many other bots experience problems with blocking accounts due to the IP change. But that one is amazing as it automatically settles proxy from your country. Very easy to set and works without any interruptions.