Info Drive

Skill allows you to subscribe and read email newsletters

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"Info Drive" is a skill for people who value time and clean inbox.

If you read email newsletters, this skill is for you.

Subscribe to the newsletters without using your email and listen to the new issues.

It's very easy to use.

To read the latest issue of the newsletter, say: 'Alexa, tell info drive to read the next draft'.

To get the list of available newsletters, you can say: 'Alexa, ask info drive for the list of newsletters'.

To subscribe for a newsletter, simply say: 'Alexa, ask info drive to subscribe to HBR management tip of the day'.

Once you subscribed to the newsletters you want, simply open Info drive and it will tell you if there are any new issues available.

1 Reviews of Info Drive

Seth Louey Seth Louey PRO Apr 3, 2019

Super interesting bot.