ICO Watchdog

Real-Time Cryptocurrency Alerts for Slack Teams

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ICO Watchdog is a market news and financial information service for cryptocurrency and ICO investors.

ICO Watchdog can be programmed to follow any cryptocurrency and notify users when there is significant movement in price or volume.

Users can define what “significant” means and ICO Watchdog will keep watch for you like a real best friend. You can also choose to receive “trading alerts” and we’ll notify you the exact moment new cryptocurrencies begin trading.

Best of all, this is all done right inside your favorite messaging applications — starting with Slack and Messenger.

Contact developers at info@icowatchdog.com

2 Reviews of ICO Watchdog

Sunil Wilkinson Sunil Wilkinson Jan 10, 2018

This bot is a great tool, I configure my price alerts to reflect when I may consider buying or selling my crypto.

Seth Louey Seth Louey PRO Oct 22, 2017

I love the concept of this bot, but when I set an action alert, it seemed like it didn't know what coin I was setting the alert for.