Learn fun facts about your coworkers!

Icebreakers by CareerLark helps you get to know your coworkers. Each week a handful of your coworkers are selected and asked a few short (fun!) questions about themselves. The answers are published in a public channel of your choosing along with names, departments and roles. It's a quick and easy way to get to know the folks you work with each day.

Open communication and clear, continuous feedback are proven to increase employee satisfaction and engagement - getting to know your coworkers is the first step. Start using Icebreakers with your team and see immediate benefits!

Please note:

  • Icebreakers is FREE...FOREVER! That's right, go nuts in learning fun things about your peers.
  • CareerLark's experience is 100% on Slack! We do not require an external account or any browser application. #weloveslack

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