A simple yet powerful HR management tool for Slack

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HROnBot is a simple yet powerful HR management tool for Slack. The easiest way to implement HR based operations within your team, all without leaving Slack. You may smoothen your office dealing by: 

 - Handling leave applications and requests from the employees. 
- Create knowledge base for your team. 
- Conduct simple surveys within office realms. 
- Receive performance appraisal process. 

Major features of HROnBot are: 

- Streamlines platform for HR Managers to communicate with rest of the employees with ease. 
- Increase transparency within office realm. 
- Extends well-defined company culture with compatibility to treat each employee with equality. 
- Develop HR knowledge base with the ongoing activities around. 
- Leave management with inbuilt calculator. 
- Develop team members review.

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