A bot for a smarter home

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HomeHero is your digital concierge for a smarter home.

He kinda drew the short straw when they were handing out super powers – He is faster than a speeding bullet… but only for helping you with home services.

Ever ask yourself:

• Is my home an attractive target for burglary?
• Who is the cheapest energy provider? (UK only)
• Why is my WiFi so slow?
• How will my boiler behave this Winter?

Message @YourHomeHero now for instant superhero advice!

5 Reviews of HomeHero

John John Oct 25, 2016

I was impressed the the variety of data this was able to provide me about different energy provider options. Home security advice was great too!

Don Don Oct 25, 2016

Had a lot of fun with this one, will be good to see how it helps round the house.

Andrew Knight Andrew Knight Oct 24, 2016

It appears to be a poor excuse for slamming you into scripted interactions. Nothing "bot" about it.

Shane Hogan Shane Hogan Oct 24, 2016

Fun, interactive service for cost effective measures around the house!

Brian Fox Brian Fox Oct 13, 2016

Simple and Intuitive service providing helpful advice.