HeyMojo AI

Aiming to be the world's largest AI powered chatbot tech provider for global hospitality

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Imagine, if you could order food, towels or book spa with a message through a conversation, just the way you use messenger or whatsapp. 

We enable hotels and restaurants to connect with guests directly over popular messaging apps, like messenger, websites, slack, WhatsApp, skype etc We charge a monthly subscription and a transactional model. Our annual subscription varies depending on hotel/restaurant size and the integrations we do, as well as we license our solution to partners. Our technology helps the business increase their upsell and revenue, build loyalty and increase customer engagement. 

We help them get on the messaging bandwagon in less than an hour with our deep learning technology platform Our customers have been able to increase their orders from the new channels and also open new revenue opportunities while embracing the power of messaging apps

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