Monitor and manage your Shopify store remotely via your favorite chat app

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hellobeano is a chatbot assistant for e-commerce business owners to be able to monitor and manage their Shopify stores remotely via their favorite chat app. 

By simply issuing a command to hellobeano, he can retrieve your sales numbers, product info, order lists and more directly in your chat app itself without having to login to your dashboard. 

A convenient way for you to get updates on your business while on the go. You can also command hellobeano to do simple updates to orders like adding notes and tags, fulfilling orders and issuing refunds. hellobeano's service will be launching on 1 November 2017. But we're opening up early registrations for users who are interested in trying us out when it launches. 

If you register before launch, you'll be able to get 10% off your first year's subscription. So go to http://hellobeano.com/register.html to sign up now and get ready to hire your first chatbot employee on 1 November.

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