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The easiest way to stay fit, now with native payments

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With Gymi, it's easy to get fit. Gymi provides the most effective workouts with an easy to follow, personalized diet that improves health and fitness. See what Gymi can do! 

  • You can now purchase your favorite workout products, like fat burners, pre-workouts and others, directly in Facebook messenger, using Native Payments! (it's so easy) 
  • Cleaner and simplified User Experience, with our content. 
  • Get a customized workout every morning from Gymi. We call this the "Workout of the Day".
  • Look up exercise videos and demonstrations to learn about new routines. 

The Gymi Personal Fitness Bot was built by certified personal trainers, athletic coaches and technology experts to bring their customized workout routines to everyone. Each workout is custom made to work in tandem with our diet plan.

8 Reviews of Gymi Personal Trainer

Frank Petruccelli Frank Petruccelli Dec 22, 2016

Hey Everyone, Thanks so much for using Gymi, we've built in some awesome new features that you can read about above. I won't bore you with the details, just talk to Gymi =). Frank

Chirag Chirag Nov 15, 2016

Hi Frank - Do you guys offer API`s for 3rd party integration?

Paul Guarnieri Paul Guarnieri Nov 15, 2016

This is my go-to bot for my health and fitness. The workouts are very challenging and the diet plan is to the point and is pretty easy to follow. Following the diet, I've lost (and kept off) 15 lbs. since May. Definitely worth using!

Michael Ward Michael Ward Nov 12, 2016

Awesome Bot! Since finding it a few days ago I have tried the workouts and they are sick. They challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and normal routine. Can't wait to see the results as I continue to use this bot. They also have a diet section which looks pretty cool. Definitely worth the time!

Sean LaFlam Sean LaFlam Nov 11, 2016

In the past I ran into this problem where I would get to the gym and procrastinate because I didn't have a concrete workout plan. I would wander around trying to think of exercises to group together, or I'd waste time searching workouts on my phone and never actually get around to the whole working out part. This bot solved my problem. I have a clear and concise routine to follow, and it is different every day so I make sure to hit all the different muscle groups. Could not recommend more highly.

Rachel Peterson Rachel Peterson Nov 11, 2016

The best fitness bot I've ever used. This bot is particularly great because the workouts are awesome and motivate you, the diet is also great. I'm going to start the diet on Monday. Thank you, great work.

hector Ramos III hector Ramos III Nov 11, 2016

This is extremely useful to people like me who are just starting to work out and eat right. It sends you a new work out every morning and gives you a great meal plan with recipes. It's everything you can ask for from beginners to experts.

Frank Petruccelli Frank Petruccelli Nov 11, 2016

Thank you everyone for using Gymi Personal Trainer. Please let me know in the comments if you have any feedback. Frank- Gymi Bot Creator