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BlueLine Grid supercharges Cisco Spark, providing users with the ability to manage large extended communities (of hundreds or hundreds of thousands) directly from a Spark space. By leveraging the "Grid bot", registered BlueLine Grid users can discover the communities that they control, then send mass notifications via SMS, text-to-voice, email or a companion app and then receive responses back into Spark; initiate instant conference calls to cell phones and landlines; and then invite non-Spark users into a Spark space for collaboration.

Registered, licensed BlueLine Grid users have the ability to initiate conference calls, mass notifications and to access administrative functions.

The power of the Grid bot resides in the building blocks of identity management, notification, collaboration:

  • Identity Management: Our unique identity management model allows clients to apply and limit access and entitlements based on each verified users' authority
  • Mass Notification: Our mass notification engine enables high velocity alerting within and across organizations, communities, and devices
  • Collaboration: Initiate instant conference calls or invite users from any platform to a Spark discussion.

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