Do a good deed a day for a co-worker

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Your personal kindness buddy who will help you make your co-worker's day! Every Day, I will give you ideas for nice things you can do for your co-worker! You keep track of the good you are doing 

Why? Science says it will make you happier:  (Track your happiness too)

  • Studies show that making a difference to others leads to more meaning and purpose in your life.
  • Expressing gratitude also leads to more meaning and connection in your life.

A note about privacy : goodripplebuddy is a kindness bot, the only communication is through private messaging (aka direct messaging). goodripplebuddy does not access channels or join channels. goodripplebuddy does not initiate communication with users on its own. All communication needs to be initiated by a human. If you are an admin, and are concerned, message us 

To find out more and install the bot:

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