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Technology is shaping all aspects of our lives and it’s about time the right technology does the same for fashion. There is certainly no doubt regarding the amount of fashion content on the web. In fact, many bloggers, vloggers & influencers have started raking in, million-dollar campaigns due to their following and fashion sense. 

Fashion consumers are visiting their favorite fashion blogs and Instagram accounts daily but are left with very little options on where they can purchase the items that they see and love throughout the web. Despite this, there hasn’t been many options until now on how to monetize and automatically optimize their content with accurate precision. That is where glamix excels. 

glamix brings the highest level of top-of-the-line machine learning technology and algorithms to the fashion world. glamix, founded in 2015 brings visual search technology and accuracy that out beats its competitors. Their goal is to create a world where you never need to ask the question, ‘where did she get that from?’ glamix allows any image taken in real time, on any website or social media platform to be turned into a purchasing opportunity. 

With their wide variation of offerings from fashion bot, plug ins to optimized Instagram feeds, glamix will certainly be paving the future of fashion technology and will transform online shopping as we know it today.

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Othmane SAKHI Othmane SAKHI PRO Jun 3, 2017

such an Amazing Bot !!