Like Venmo, but way better

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GanePay combines the peer-to-peer money transferability of Venmo with instant in-store spending through mainstream NFC Tap & Pay services like Apple Pay. Add in the effortless  coupon redemption and you have a real game changer.Send and receive money. Pay instantly at 1000’s of merchants. Discover, share and collect exclusive deals. GanePay is everything you have been looking for in one beautiful place, your phone.The GanePay bots allow you to view your account activity, share the offers that you have collected, and send money and gift cards to your friends.
For Messenger, say hello to Gane and you'll get the options to 1) Check your balance, 2) See recent account activity, and 3) See and share offers and gift cards. Messenger bot currently in Beta

For iMessage, click the app store icon next to text entry and select Gane, then you'll get the options to add Gane to your conversation by 1) Sending money and gift cards, or 2) Share offers.

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Seth Louey Seth Louey PRO Dec 13, 2016

I love being able to send money or offers to my fiancee. GanePay has saved us a bunch of money during the holidays when we're out shopping. So that's a win in my book.

theo fifelski theo fifelski Dec 12, 2016

iMessage and FB Messenger feel pretty good. I was wondering it there was a way to see a map image or some ETA to location if i pick one?