Amazing Entertainment & Moderation Bot for your server!

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Entertainment Commands: Punch, Shoot, Rob, Smack, Stab, 8Ball, randnumber, randletter, Yomomma, joke, insult, add, subtract, divide, multiply, slot, dice, coin, guessgame, lenny. Moderation Commands: warn, kick, ban, mute, unmute, whois, say, sayd, purge. Other Features: DM's users on each punishments, Punish with reasons, Logs punishments, Logs Users that Join, Logs users that leave, Logs server invites and deletes them, Only allows users with the 'Staff' role to use Moderation Commands, Spam prevention (2 msgs/s). 

6 Reviews of GameBot

Sylis MC Sylis MC Mar 21, 2018

This bot is complete bullshit, when you do the $help command it sends an invite link in your server to their server, and then leaves your server, this is deceptive and dishonest, do NOT waste your time with this bot

Homeless loser Homeless loser Nov 14, 2017

This bot is so cool it really makes dead chats, alive again. The only side effect is that you will spend so much time on discord your grades drop and then your parents storm in your room shouting out you. You try and say your sorry but they kick you out your house and then you end up living on the streets. At least I have game bot :)

Hasan Maharoof Hasan Maharoof Nov 14, 2017

I really like the bot. It provides like everything you can think of. It has a dice, it can do math, and all sorts of different commands that'll really improve your server.

zomatree zomatree Nov 14, 2017

this bot is realy good and i use it on all of my servers and everybody injoise itand we have great fun messing around with the bot and soon i wanting to make my own bot and im realy inspired buy GameBot. so yea, im just saming a realy big thankyou raped up in a parragraph so yea thanks


Amazing bot. I love it! It helps me out with my server as it is a fun and chilled type server! You guys should try it lmao

wwwgunslinger wwwgunslinger Oct 15, 2017

This is a wonderful bot. I have used countless bots, but this one truly is the best one I have ever used. Its not just the bots features that make it great but its awesome creator and support team. Its creator, SKILL SHOTZZZ, is constantly adding features and tweaking the bot to make it better. He and his support team are always willing to explain how to use the bot and if necessary fix problems with it. Thank you SKILL SHOTZZZ for making such an amazing bot.