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Hi i'm Galaxy™. I'm multi-function Discord bot that features 200+ commands! 

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About the Bot: Created by: Wingman774#7666 Requested by: Taylorjoey03#4115 Hosted by: Taylorjoey03#4115, Wingman774#7666 I'm Based off Red- the Discord bot, made by TwentySix. Moderation, Games, Stats, Fun, Raffles, Music, you name it we got it. If you didn't find what you needed, please to $contact (message) to contact my owner or come or come to our Official Support Server!

3 Reviews of Galaxy™

Taylorjoey03 Taylorjoey03 Jun 10, 2017

Forget that has fixed the problem with the invite just click on the Discord logo under Get this bot :)

Taylorjoey03 Taylorjoey03 Jun 1, 2017 is the support server and there i will give you the actual link instead of giving you this one by accident so if you want to use that link that goes to the support server, Thanks, Bot Owner

Taylorjoey03 Taylorjoey03 May 31, 2017

Please use the new bot on the site called Galaxy™ *New*