Add custom commands to and do anything you want with it.

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It is a bot that is a furry which you can do anything with. You can customize it for any commands that you want meaning you can add your own commands to it. 

Staff Roles: Admin role: FurryAdmin Mod role: FurryMod Prefix: - Commands: Alias: alias Manage per-server aliases for commands Audio: audioset Audio settings. audiostat General stats on audio stuff. cache Cache management tools. local Local playlists commands pause Pauses the current song, `[p]resume` to continue. play Plays a link / searches and play playlist Playlist management/control. prev Goes back to the last song. queue Queues a song to play next. Extended functionality in `[p]help` repeat Toggles REPEAT resume Resumes a paused song or playlist shuffle Shuffles the current queue sing Makes Red sing one of her songs skip Skips a song, using the set threshold if the requester isn't song Info about the current song. stop Stops a currently playing song or playlist. CLEARS QUEUE. yt Searches and plays a video from YouTube CustomCommands: customcom Custom commands management Downloader: cog Additional cogs management Economy: bank Bank operations economyset Changes economy module settings leaderboard Server / global leaderboard payday Get some free credits payouts Shows slot machine payouts slot Play the slot machine General: 8 Ask 8 ball a question choose Chooses between multiple choices. flip Flips a coin... or a user. lmgtfy Creates a lmgtfy link poll Starts/stops a poll roll Rolls random number (between 1 and user choice) rps Play rock paper scissors serverinfo Shows server's informations stopwatch Starts/stops stopwatch urban Urban Dictionary search userinfo Shows users's informations Mod: ban Bans user and deletes last X days worth of messages. cleanup Deletes messages. editrole Edits roles settings filter Adds/removes words from filter hackban Preemptively bans user from the server ignore Adds servers/channels to ignorelist kick Kicks user. modset Manages server administration settings. mute Mutes user in the channel/server names Show previous names/nicknames of a user reason Lets you specify a reason for mod-log's cases rename Changes user's nickname softban Kicks the user, deleting 1 day worth of messages. unignore Removes servers/channels from ignorelist unmute Unmutes user in the channel/server Owner: blacklist Blacklist management commands cogs Shows loaded/unloaded cogs command Disables/enables commands leave Leaves server load Loads a cog traceback Sends to the owner the last command exception that has occurred unload Unloads a cog uptime Shows Red's uptime version Shows Red's current version whitelist Whitelist management commands Streams: hitbox Checks if hitbox stream is online mixer Checks if mixer stream is online picarto Checks if picarto stream is online streamalert Adds/removes stream alerts from the current channel streamset Stream settings twitch Checks if twitch stream is online Trivia: trivia Start a trivia session with the specified list triviaset Change trivia settings

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