Fun Guy Bot

An awesome bot with many features such as music, moderation, trivia, and more!

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The Fun Guy Bot is a multipurpose Discord bot that not only plays music, but helps moderate your server, provide endless fun with trivia questions, and much more! With most of the vital features that make up a good discord bot completed, more attention can be focused on custom commands that you Discord users want. Be apart of the Fun Guy community today!

2 Reviews of Fun Guy Bot

Byran Byran Mar 22, 2018

@Nate James Sorry for the confusion, the "Owner" commands were meant for the bot developers and owner (me). As for the sometimes choppy music feature, it could be due to a factor of things such as my bot host, Discord's voice channel service, and your internet connection. Thanks for joining the Fun Guy Bot community! Dm me if you have any further questions: Bry(bbbstar)#4429

Nate James Nate James Mar 20, 2018

Having trouble taking ownership of the bot - not sure if that's my own user error or the bot's fault but it trips up in the middle of playing music and needs to be restarted occasionally.