Fred Whitton Challenge

Automated assistant to help event organizers answer enquiries 24/7

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The chatbot we created is integrated within the “Facebook Messenger app” of the Fred Whitton page and users can contact it through the private “Messages” feature of their page, or directly through the Messenger App. 

It provides 24/7 access to event information by answering any questions immediately using our Natural Language Processing engine. It can currently handle 90+ intents (An intent represents a mapping between what a user says and what action should be taken by the bot). The bot has 9 unique entity types (Entities are powerful tools used for extracting parameter values from natural language inputs). Inquiry fulfillment integrates with external data at 9 different points to provide the correct information. It is able to guide entrants, without wasting time on searching and browsing through websites or apps. 

The bot uses AI to become smarter so it can provide the relevant information. Utilising rich UI elements in Facebook Messenger to provide the perfect experience for Fred Whitton participants. The bot also allows users to look up past event times if they have participated previously and check weather reports and look up event facts and tips as well as vital to the day safety information. Users can contact the organizers directly if requested which provides a seamless integration between the bot and event organizers.

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