Foxsy is a matchmaker for new friends to chat

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My name is Foxsy, and I am a matchmaker for new friends. I'm here to introduce you to the right person for making a friendship and enjoying chat.

5 Reviews of Foxsy

Jin Tanaka Jin Tanaka Nov 21, 2016

So much fun to use it and talk with other people!! Never seen matchmaking service like this before.

Yoyo Yoyo Jul 5, 2016

New Foxsy is on the way

Yoyo Yoyo Jul 5, 2016

One of the new function is new edit profile function. Just check it!

Yoyo Yoyo Jul 5, 2016

Now. Foxsy is updated!! There are awesome new Functions!!

Yoyo Yoyo Jul 1, 2016

Foxsy is an awesome bot! I use Foxsy every day.