Personal wellness bot: Yoga + Meditation + Posture + Sleep

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flexbot combines smart, contextual reminders and on-demand slash commands to help you have a productive, stress free and pain less work day!

Imagine you have an important meeting in 15 mins that you are super stressed out about. Now imagine you get a notification from flexbot about a 2 minutes relaxation technique that helps you relax and be focused. Wouldn't you love it?

In addition to these reminders, flexbot comes with 3 slash commands:

  • /meditate - calming or mindfulness meditations, all levels, choose from 5-20 min durations
  • /yoga - relaxing or energizing on demand yoga, all levels, choose from 5-3- min durations
  • /stretch - physio therapy + therapeutic yoga inspired stretches for your neck, shoulder, back, legs.

How does flexbot work : It's an AI based wellness bot that sends you timely and contextual mini-interventions that will help you be more productive, sit straighter, sleep better and even prevent chronic problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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