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FindDate is a bot which helps dating in a fast and secure way. People can see profile photos of their preferred gender and 'LIKE' them. Notification is sent to the person who's profile photo is liked and they can choose to 'LIKE BACK'. 

When both of them like each other, they can MESSAGE each other. FindDate works in half duplex mode, one needs to respond to the 'LIKE' (or) 'MESSAGE' to use the feature again, so there is no possibility of spamming; If you do not like a profile you can just ignore it by not responding to their LIKE or MESSAGE. 

Since FindDate is built upon state of the art bot platforms, it works seamlessly inside Facebook Messenger, Viber, LINE, Telegram and many other platforms; so there is no need to download any extra application (or) fill lengthy registration forms. A user from Messenger in Android can date with a user from Telegram in iOS, a user from LINE on Android can date with an user from Messenger from web, A user from Telegram ... well, you get it. 

FindDate is built up with user's privacy and security as core and so apart from their profile photo no other detail is shared with the other users, they can choose to reveal more information themselves only via MESSAGE feature. FindDate users can see and interact with many profiles every day as more users are starting to use FindDate to date in a fast and secure manner.


The best part of using FindDate is that, all the above features are completely free of cost. New features are added regularly to FindDate by carefully analyzing user feedback. 

At present FindDate works with English (All) language and soon it would support many other languages. FindDate is gender agnostic and aims to provide quality dating service to users around the world. Location on FindDate is optional as we truly believe in border less world and every one can decide whether a particular profile is a right match by interacting with them, still users can select 'Near Date' to find dates near their location. 

FindDate is a intuitive platform where one can use their creativity to impress a plausible date like e.g, write a short poem when the person whom you liked has liked back your profile. FindDate provides a platform in which people can choose their date not by their looks, but also by their intellectual capabilities before revealing any personal details; after all our aim is to make FindDate the fastest and safest way to find a date. 

Philosophy of FindDate :

We at FindDate believe that the world without borders is the basis for peace and equality. Only way to truly upheld what we believe in is to integrate it into core of the technology powering FindDate. Unlike most other dating platforms FindDate doesn't make it mandatory to disclose Origin, Gender, Race or Age; users are free to choose their match with those parameters if they like, but we've seen when given a seamless intuitive way to find a date across boundaries people are eager to meet a date regardless of above factors.

6 Reviews of FindDate

Connor Connor Aug 27, 2017

I like the funny comics these guys do for dating tips.

Charlotte Charlotte Aug 27, 2017

Great to meet people across the globe from Aus !

Zachary Isaac Zachary Isaac Aug 27, 2017

I was wondering why I didn't get a Like for a while, then removing my sister from my profile picture fixed it :D

Lucy Choi Lucy Choi Aug 27, 2017

It's good. Found only few profiles in Hong Kong but many from other parts of the world. Hopefully would find more in coming days.

Joan Lor Joan Lor Aug 27, 2017

Holy S*** ! This is addictive :D

Yogi Yogi Aug 27, 2017

No frills, straight dating ! At last a nice dating bot which doesn't try to take the context of dating away in trying to give intelligent replies to the user and just let them date. Users are diverse, I wonder how they have reached people of different countries.