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Valk Chatbot


A very easy to use multi purpose discord bot.

Discord Platform Social & Fun +4

3.4K 1 2

ModBot Chatbot


Modbot is updated atleast once every week with more commands added and more customization. Mainly this bot is for Mod's [24/7 uptime]

Discord Platform Developer Tools +3

3.5K 3 2

Cashbot.ai Chatbot


Cash in on the Conversation

Messenger Platform Slack Platform Discord Platform Telegram Platform Developer Tools +2

2.5K 5 10

Yappy, the Github Monitor Chatbot

Yappy, the Github Monitor

Broadcast events from Github repo(s) into one or more Discord channels!

Discord Platform Developer Tools

1.3K 0 0

Riley Chatbot


A fully modular bot for Discord

Discord Platform Developer Tools +1

5.8K 1 1