Jet Chatbot


Information and news in the world of web design, development, and marketing.

Messenger Platform Design +4

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DomainWatchBot Chatbot


Keep an eye on your domain expiration dates or the ones you want to buy

Telegram Platform Developer Tools

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Atori Chatbot


AI bot that finds your code buddy in Slack

Slack Platform Communication +3

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Max the Programmer Chatbot

Max the Programmer

Assist programmers who spend a lot of time on their computers

Google Assistant Platform Developer Tools +1

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Learn Programming Chatbot

Learn Programming

Learn basics of some programming languages.

Messenger Platform Developer Tools +1

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A Cloud Guru Bot Chatbot

A Cloud Guru Bot

Learn the Cloud as a team

Slack Platform Developer Tools +1

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Hu by Hutoma.AI Chatbot

Hu by Hutoma.AI

Bringing the lastest Hutoma news, FAQS and can book meetings with the Hutoma team.

Messenger Platform Personal +2

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OnlineBot Chatbot


Be notified when your machine is offline

Telegram Platform Developer Tools +1

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Find out web site SEO and social rankings

Telegram Platform Developer Tools +1

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Nimrod Chatbot


Send yourself Facebook messages with a POST request

Messenger Platform Productivity +1

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Integromat Chatbot


Integromat will connect the apps, services and devices you use into functional scenarios and allow you to get rid of repetitive tasks.

Slack Platform Productivity +1

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MiserBot Chatbot


I help your team save money on AWS

Slack Platform Developer Tools +1

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