Vlipsy Chatbot


Find and share short expressive video clips

Kik Platform iMessage Platform Telegram Platform Viber Platform Slack Platform

2.6K 0 0

RandomCoffees Chatbot


Match teammates for coffee in a organization

Slack Platform

1.9K 1 2

ValueAdder Chatbot


Adds value to your meeting.

Slack Platform

1.4K 0 0

Kudos Chatbot


Send & receive meaningful recognition from your peers in Slack

Slack Platform

2.1K 0 0

decisionbot Chatbot


Need to make a team decision? Use decisionbot to Roll a Dice or Flip a Coin

Slack Platform

1.6K 0 0

Angry Insulting Donald Trump Bot Chatbot

Angry Insulting Donald Trump Bot

A defensive, insulting bot who will make comments in the voice of Donald Trump

Slack Platform

3.2K 2 5

Kweri Chatbot


Quick questions that may drive you crazy.

Kik Platform Messenger Platform Skype Platform Slack Platform Telegram Platform LINE Platform

13.8K 3 3

Skygaze Chatbot


Provides information on location, visibility and distance of celestial objects

Slack Platform Amazon Echo Platform Messenger Platform Skype Platform  Pro

2.1K 1 1

SunnyBot Chatbot


SunnyBot will help you send recognition from Slack

Slack Platform

1.9K 0 1

GoodRipple Chatbot


Do a good deed a day for a co-worker

Slack Platform

1.9K 0 2

Yay! Prizes Chatbot

Yay! Prizes

Send fun prizes to your Slack friends

Slack Platform

2.0K 0 0

MisheardGIF Chatbot


Mishears /gif commands and responds with hilariously incorrect GIFs

Slack Platform

1.5K 0 0