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Santa Bot Chatbot

Santa Bot

Send your wishes to Santa and he'll make it a reality

Messenger Platform Social & Fun +1

6.5K 0 0

LoveBot Chatbot


LoveBot will help you to find the next date.

Messenger Platform Personal +2

7.8K 0 1

Jarvis Chatbot


Tells you quotes and jokes

Messenger Platform Personal +1

4.4K 1 2

Wolli Chatbot


Tickete Bot for prizes

Messenger Platform Social & Fun +5

6.7K 2 1

The Temperature Game Chatbot

The Temperature Game

Test your knowledge by guessing current temperatures in the US and abroad!

Amazon Echo Platform Social & Fun +2

1.1K 0 0

SELF/MADE - The Game Chatbot

SELF/MADE - The Game

Build your empire in this free never ending Messenger game.

Messenger Platform Social & Fun +1

4.6K 0 2

Aroundme Chatbot


AroundMe helps you quickly find events in your area

Messenger Platform Social & Fun +1

3.8K 0 0

Slack Secret Santa Chatbot

Slack Secret Santa

Throw a Secret Santa with your Slack team!

Slack Platform Social & Fun +1

2.3K 0 0

Capsy Chatbot


Chatbot for funny photos and videos

Messenger Platform Social & Fun

5.5K 0 0

Russian Roulette Chatbot

Russian Roulette

Play Russian roulette on Discord, I guess

Discord Platform Social & Fun +2

3.8K 0 0

Christmas Jokes Chatbot

Christmas Jokes

Holiday fun with Christmas Jokes for all

Amazon Echo Platform Social & Fun +1

1.5K 0 0

Advent calendar Chatbot

Advent calendar

Accompanying you during the Christmas season with recipes, decoration and gift ideas.

Messenger Platform Social & Fun +1

5.0K 0 0