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 QuranBot Chatbot


This bot sends pages of Quran based on chapters you request.

Messenger Platform Lifestyle

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SentinoBot Chatbot


An AI-powered psychological bot, designed to understand people.

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Tabassam Bot Chatbot

Tabassam Bot

Happiness messages

Messenger Platform Lifestyle

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Crispy Shoe Bot Chatbot

Crispy Shoe Bot

Showcasing the hottest deals on new sneakers

Messenger Platform Shopping +1

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Komo Chatbot


Improve your general culture in one question a day!

Messenger Platform Education +1

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Julie Chatbot


Your virtual girlfriend

Web Platform Communication +1

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Tea House Meditations Chatbot

Tea House Meditations

Enjoy a re-set moment that changes your whole day

Amazon Echo Platform Personal +2

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Un Aller Sans Retour Chatbot

Un Aller Sans Retour

Travel discoveries, inspiration and advices

Messenger Platform Travel +2

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Unexcited Chatbot


Save -90% compared to Amazon, get five exclusive product deals everyday

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Ghi Nhật Ký Nông Vụ Chatbot

Ghi Nhật Ký Nông Vụ

Bot help farmer note about what they doing!

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Rim Chatbot


Simplify your life and help you discover the best things to do. FRENCH ONLY

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Noora Chatbot


Helping you to find for your the perfect spa in Switzerland

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