ZapPrices Chatbot


Price comparison tool by product name or barcode

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BuyerBot Chatbot


Amazon purchasing for Slack teams

Slack Platform

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CouponBot Chatbot


Helps you find coupon codes and deals to bring you the best prices every time you shop.

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Cash in on the Conversation

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Yay! Prizes Chatbot

Yay! Prizes

Send fun prizes to your Slack friends

Slack Platform

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ShoppBot Chatbot


Helping you shop for everything you need for your office

Slack Platform

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Gift Card Wiki Chatbot

Gift Card Wiki

Find the best deals on discount gift cards from

Slack Platform

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Cently Chatbot


Paste any product URL into Slack to buy it automatically

Slack Platform

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Botler Chat Chatbot

Botler Chat

Chatbot Builder & Bot Creation Marketplace

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Discount Hero Chatbot

Discount Hero

Find offers, discounts and vouchers from your favourite brands

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