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D1v1deByBOT Chatbot


Managing the geriatric gamers shenanigans.

Discord Platform

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XtraCord Chatbot


Make your discord experience much more easier and fun.

Discord Platform  Pro

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emojigames.io Chatbot


Earn POC by playing casual eSports

Telegram Platform

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Provide various fun casino games on LINE chatbot

LINE Platform

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Em?ji Quiz! Chatbot

Em?ji Quiz!

Guess the emoji and score points!

Kik Platform  Pro

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Fairy Tale Feud Chatbot

Fairy Tale Feud

An easy to play kid-friendly game with fun contests between fairy tale creatures.

Amazon Echo Platform  Pro

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The World Cup 2018 Player Recognition Game Chatbot

The World Cup 2018 Player Recognition Game

Do You Know Your Players? ?⚽ Play now!

Messenger Platform  Pro

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MadWarsBot Chatbot


MMORPG-game! Catch the mad ? monsters and fight!

Telegram Platform  Pro

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Myuu Chatbot


The most advanced Pokémon experience you can get on Discord!

Discord Platform  Pro

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Movie Hunt Chatbot

Movie Hunt

A game where you hunt for Hollywood movie names from famous movie dialogues

Amazon Echo Platform  Pro

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Everyday Quiz Chatbot

Everyday Quiz

Say "Open Everyday Quiz" and then start your questions.

Amazon Echo Platform  Pro

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ZORK I Chatbot


The Great Underground Empire

Telegram Platform

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