Archie.AI Chatbot


Talk to Google Analytics using Google Assistant, Alexa.

Email Platform Web Platform Amazon Echo Platform Google Assistant Platform Productivity +1

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Night Light Chatbot

Night Light

The ultimate light for your night

Amazon Echo Platform Productivity +1

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The Tick's Housework Hero Chatbot

The Tick's Housework Hero

Meet your chore-tackling DESTINY and make the Tick proud

Amazon Echo Platform Productivity +1

2.8K 0 0

Astrobot Chatbot


The fastest way to inbox zero

Slack Platform Amazon Echo Platform Android Platform iOS Platform Productivity

3.6K 1 4

Me Chatbot


Tiv (Me) is your friendly personal assistant, powered by AI

Amazon Echo Platform Email Platform Messenger Platform SMS Platform Telegram Platform Productivity +1

54.5K 32 94

Newton Mail Chatbot

Newton Mail

Stay on top of your emails without having to reach for your phone or computer.

Amazon Echo Platform Productivity +1

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Shopify Chatbot


Manage your Shopify store using the Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo Platform Productivity +1

1.4K 0 3