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TEbot Chatbot


Big Data Advisor

Web Platform Productivity +2

258 0 0

Gaismasbots Sanaca Chatbot

Gaismasbots Sanaca

Bot for personal development, built on the principles of Agile

Messenger Platform Personal +1

57.3K 0 2

SoapBox Chatbot


A bot for one-on-ones and team meetings

Microsoft Teams Platform Slack Platform Productivity +2

526 0 0

TeamBot.ai Chatbot


Virtual assistant based project and task management.

Microsoft Teams Platform Skype Platform Slack Platform Productivity

492 1 0

rocketCoin Chatbot


Check crypto currency and market info. Like bitcoin, ethereum and hundreds of other currencies.

Telegram Platform Personal +5

550 0 0

Seery Chatbot


A service integration telegram robot

Telegram Platform Productivity

752 0 1

Merlin Chatbot


Get machine learning help from Slack.

Slack Platform Productivity +1

452 3 1

TaskOnBot Chatbot


Redefining the way to create, follow up and assign tasks

Slack Platform Productivity +1

441 0 0

ThinglyBot Chatbot


Manage your appliances and devices

Telegram Platform Productivity +2

739 0 3

Qeyword Bot Chatbot

Qeyword Bot

Qeyword Bot allows you to search and verify emails directly from within Messenger.

Messenger Platform Slack Platform Telegram Platform Productivity +2

12.0K 0 0

HROnBot Chatbot


A simple yet powerful HR management tool for Slack

Slack Platform Communication +3

441 0 0

Gardy Chatbot


Gardy, your virtual gardener!

Messenger Platform Productivity +2

11.3K 1 0