My Food Facts

Fun facts about food that are geared towards providing random info

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Milan Pizza

Order from your favorite pizza place in Tenderloin, San Francisco.

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Coupa Cafe

Upscale and vibrant coffee & restaurant chain in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Order your next delicious dish with Appetito

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Food Scout Bot

The bot that picks nearby restaurants for you!

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Shows menus for German canteens from

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Bot Cafe

This is a demo of ordering food through a bot

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Shake Shack

Find the nearest Shack, view the menu, or see FAQs with Shake Shack's chatbot

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Recipe Boom Bot (Chinese version)

5 recipes from world wide, renew every day!

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Accepting customer orders has never been easier

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Lunch Train

Lunch Train makes planning lunch outings with your team simple and pleasant.

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Book my table, Alfred

Your personal butler for restaurant reservations

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