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Jukebot Chatbot


Turn Slack into your team's very own Spotify jukebox

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Patch Chatbot


Turn Slack into your Podcast App

Slack Platform

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Coinbot Chatbot


Your friend in Crypto! Coinbot tells you the price of any crypto currency.

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The Onion Chatbot

The Onion

America's finest Slack integration

Slack Platform

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Songlink Chatbot


Share music better.

Slack Platform

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Vlipsy Chatbot


Find and share short expressive video clips

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Angry Insulting Donald Trump Bot Chatbot

Angry Insulting Donald Trump Bot

A defensive, insulting bot who will make comments in the voice of Donald Trump

Slack Platform

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Kweri Chatbot


Quick questions that may drive you crazy.

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Lizzen Chatbot


Supercharge your Slack music channel

Slack Platform

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MObot Chatbot


I'm a great assistant who will inform you about fresh films from the cinema world.

Slack Platform

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BuskerBot Chatbot


Boombastic music in your Slack channels

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DJ Khaled Bot Chatbot

DJ Khaled Bot

Get on the pathway to more success

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