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Mirage♪ Chatbot


Mirage♪ is a free Discord music bot. Support YT, Twitch, Spotify only Playlists, Radio stream and more

Discord Platform Entertainment

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Kylo Ren Chatbot

Kylo Ren

Talk Kylo Ren about Star Wars VIII theories

Messenger Platform Social & Fun +1

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Maze a day Chatbot

Maze a day

Every day one new maze??

Twitter Platform Entertainment +1

373 0 0

BountyBot Chatbot


Tweets Pickup lines everyday!

Twitter Platform Communication +2

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GoatBot Chatbot


A multipurpose bot for anything you want.

Discord Platform Social & Fun +2

2.1K 0 2

Fun Guy Bot Chatbot

Fun Guy Bot

An awesome bot with many features such as music, moderation, trivia, and more!

Discord Platform Utilities +1

915 2 3

Prisoner 1282 Chatbot

Prisoner 1282

An interactive fiction (Choose Your Own Adventure) story for adults

Messenger Platform Entertainment +1

7.0K 0 0

CocoriTube (FR) Chatbot

CocoriTube (FR)

Discover French YouTubers by Theme and Subscribe to your Favorite (FR)

Messenger Platform Entertainment

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Your Favorite Music Dealer Chatbot

Your Favorite Music Dealer

Music chanel with rating system, playlist, bot

Telegram Platform Entertainment

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ICW Chatbot


This bot for music with volume controls for all users and many others commands

Discord Platform Entertainment

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Mr Remì - Il bot musicale Chatbot

Mr Remì - Il bot musicale

A bot that reminds you the hits of your past

Messenger Platform Entertainment

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Community 8Ball Chatbot

Community 8Ball

An 8ball where all the answers are created by the Discord Community!

Discord Platform Entertainment

1.1K 0 5