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TheLair Weather Chatbot

TheLair Weather

Weather forecast for 5 days

Telegram Platform Utilities

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Yoizer Chatbot


Free RNS alerts

Telegram Platform Utilities

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rocketCoin Chatbot


Check crypto currency and market info. Like bitcoin, ethereum and hundreds of other currencies.

Telegram Platform Personal +5

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CIDR Calc Bot Chatbot

CIDR Calc Bot

Obtain a subnet report starting from CIDR notation

Telegram Platform Utilities

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MyETH bot Chatbot

MyETH bot

Telegram bot for monitoring your Ethereum wallets and ERC20 tokens

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Comments User Bot Chatbot

Comments User Bot

Add comments for telegram channel

Telegram Platform Communication +2

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ThinglyBot Chatbot


Manage your appliances and devices

Telegram Platform Productivity +2

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Uneditor Chatbot


Now bring edited messages functionality from Supergroups to every group

Telegram Platform Utilities

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Qeyword Bot Chatbot

Qeyword Bot

Qeyword Bot allows you to search and verify emails directly from within Messenger.

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Color Monkey Chatbot

Color Monkey

Send color as a message

Telegram Platform Design +1

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UoM Timetable Bot Chatbot

UoM Timetable Bot

Answers questions about the University of Manchester's timetable

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ChatMod.io Chatbot


Automate your Crypto Community on Telegram

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