UoM Timetable Bot Chatbot

UoM Timetable Bot

Answers questions about the University of Manchester's timetable

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Rorschach Test Chatbot

Rorschach Test

Learn more about your personality.

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3.9K 3 2

Translation Bot Chatbot

Translation Bot

You take a text. You send the text. You get back text in another language.

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U List Chatbot

U List

Random lists when you can't decide on what to do

Kik Platform

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GRBot Chatbot


World law search bot

Kik Platform

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GeniusBot Chatbot


Your one stop shop for answers to all your most curious questions

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Black Friday Survival Guide Chatbot

Black Friday Survival Guide

Insider tips will help you not only survive, but triumph

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whoslurking Chatbot


Expose people who are lurking in your group chat on Kik

Kik Platform

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Metagon Chatbot


A bot full of fun and utility features

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7.5K 1 3

Vision Bot Chatbot

Vision Bot

Image based search,

Kik Platform

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Hooks Bot Chatbot

Hooks Bot

Easiest way to stay up to date on anything through Messenger

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3.1K 1 2

3Dprintler Chatbot


A concierge-style service for ordering 3D-prints locally

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