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InviteManager Chatbot


Track who invited who on your server.

Discord Platform Analytics +1

11 0 0

CIDR Calc Bot Chatbot

CIDR Calc Bot

Obtain a subnet report starting from CIDR notation

Telegram Platform Utilities

265 0 0

Caleb Chatbot


A moderation bot with games and math generators :3

Discord Platform Utilities

740 0 0

MyETH bot Chatbot

MyETH bot

Telegram bot for monitoring your Ethereum wallets and ERC20 tokens

Telegram Platform Personal +3

315 2 2

Lock Bot Chatbot

Lock Bot

Server utility, anti raid and moderation

Discord Platform Utilities

969 0 1

Comments User Bot Chatbot

Comments User Bot

Add comments for telegram channel

Telegram Platform Communication +2

495 0 2

HaiBot Chatbot


A Discord bot for all.

Discord Platform Social & Fun +1

1.9K 1 2

Void Chatbot


A multipurpose Discord bot centralized on simple moderation, fun commands, and statistics for things like Fortnite and Twitch Channels!

Discord Platform Utilities

713 0 1

ThinglyBot Chatbot


Manage your appliances and devices

Telegram Platform Productivity +2

424 0 2

Uneditor Chatbot


Now bring edited messages functionality from Supergroups to every group

Telegram Platform Utilities

168 0 0

StillowBot Chatbot


Fun, Commands, Discord, Best Bot Ever, Moderate, CleverBot, Social

Discord Platform Communication +3

1.1K 1 1

PaPi Chatbot


Making moderation for servers much easier

Discord Platform Social & Fun +2

686 1 1