NewsMeBot Chatbot


Get the latest news (UK).

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Channels Chatbot


Collect all posts from your favorite Telegram channels

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BotCube Chatbot


Telegram channel about bots, messaging apps, AI & ML

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Create beautiful real-time broadcasts from Telegram

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Vincent Chatbot


Bringing news and personalization into a chatbot

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Periodismo Digital Chatbot

Periodismo Digital

Periodismo, journalism, news, socialmedia, and marketing on Telegram

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Pigro for President Chatbot

Pigro for President

Pigro assistant will distill the news for you

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Feed Reader Bot Chatbot

Feed Reader Bot

Monitor websites, blogs, and more (using RSS feeds)

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Business Insider Chatbot

Business Insider

Get news and articles from Business Insider

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SI x GameOn Olympics Bot Chatbot

SI x GameOn Olympics Bot

Get unparalleled coverage of the Rio Summer Games

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Ripple World News Chatbot

Ripple World News

Best stories, videos, gifs, and breaking news summarized in a conversational way

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Future States Chatbot

Future States

Chatbot guide to the U.S. election

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