Graphiq Chatbot


Get interactive breaking-news visualizations on Slack

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Cricket Bot Chatbot

Cricket Bot

I am Gilly, a cricket crazy bot. I will give you the latest cricket scores and news

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Alertsy Chatbot


Get AI-trained news alerts right in Slack

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Harvard Business Review Chatbot

Harvard Business Review

Get content from Harvard Business Review delivered to Slack

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FiveThirtyEight Chatbot


Get latest presidential polling forecasts in Slack

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ReefeedBot Chatbot


Hot news neural bot understanding natural language

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SI x GameOn Olympics Bot Chatbot

SI x GameOn Olympics Bot

Get unparalleled coverage of the Rio Summer Games

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Nuzzel Chatbot


News for Busy Professionals

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Digg Chatbot


Discover and share the best of the web

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Breaking News Chatbot

Breaking News

Be the first to know when news breaks

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