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Magellan Chatbot


Get cheap flight alerts for US residents in Messenger or Telegram

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform Travel

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Nwook Chatbot


Find and book shared spaces by the hour.

Messenger Platform Travel +1

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Check In GIFt Chatbot

Check In GIFt

Send/Receive cash GIFts based on check in location!

Messenger Platform Personal +11

13.7K 10 2

CanaryBOT Chatbot


Tourist guide of the Canary Islands

Messenger Platform Travel

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Finn Chatbot


Finnair's chatbot assistant

Messenger Platform Travel

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Harrogate Bot Chatbot

Harrogate Bot

Providing location information as well as local facts directly to FB messenger users.

Messenger Platform Travel

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Toby Chatbot


Tigerair Australia's travel assistant

Messenger Platform Travel

5.8K 1 1

WhataHotel! Chatbot


Get Star Treatment at 5 Star Hotels

Messenger Platform Travel

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Allinu Chatbot


All apps in ONE chat! First ever personal Advisor

Messenger Platform Personal +6

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Sihuhu Chatbot


Timetable Train Hungary

Messenger Platform Travel

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 Plot Airport Security Wait Times Bot Chatbot

Plot Airport Security Wait Times Bot

Know security wait times before you leave to the airport!

Messenger Platform Travel +1

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YUMY Chatbot


Smartest food assistant you can ever have

Messenger Platform Travel +1

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