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ModBot Chatbot


Modbot is updated atleast once every week with more commands added and more customization. Mainly this bot is for Mod's [24/7 uptime]

Discord Platform Developer Tools +3

1.5K 1 2

Trello (Unofficial) Chatbot

Trello (Unofficial)

Manage Trello Boards right from your Discord!

Discord Platform Task Management

2.2K 0 1

Flash Chatbot


Reaction-based rules verification & channel-switching, Twitter & YouTube announcements, password protected channels

Discord Platform Social & Fun +2

2.4K 1 1

ChannelBro Chatbot


Automate Channels and Groups on Telegram

Telegram Platform Communication +5

686 1 2

Kono, the New AI Scheduling Assistant Chatbot

Kono, the New AI Scheduling Assistant

Try it for free! Kono schedules meetings automagically!

Email Platform Productivity +2

307 0 1

Spoke Chatbot


A simpler, smarter way to manage workplace requests.

Slack Platform Task Management

776 0 0

Any.do Chatbot


Keep track of tasks and projects with Any.do, the simplest most powerful app for getting things done!

Slack Platform Productivity +1

378 0 0

Missions Chatbot


Create custom workflows for Slack

Slack Platform Productivity +1

3.9K 0 0

Scrumbot Chatbot


A bot to help manage remote scrum stand-up meetings.

Slack Platform Productivity +2

4.0K 0 0

Clarizen Chatbot


A conversation worth having

Slack Platform Productivity +1

3.7K 1 2

ScrumGenius Chatbot


Run daily standup meetings or weekly check-in meetings.

Slack Platform Task Management +1

986 0 1

BubbleIQ Chatbot


Integrate Zendesk with Slack to create more efficient workflows

Slack Platform Customer Support +1

3.1K 0 1