ScrunchBot Chatbot


Discover the top influencers for your brand

Slack Platform Marketing

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Tether Chatbot


Expand your professional network through a Slack bot

Slack Platform Communication +1

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Cash in on the Conversation

Amazon Echo Platform Messenger Platform Slack Platform WeChat Platform Developer Tools +2

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Advocately Chatbot


Get notified in Slack when your company gets an online review.

Slack Platform Marketing

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Influencer Bot Chatbot

Influencer Bot

Instagram Influencer Discovery & Tracking Engine.

Slack Platform Marketing

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Maisie Chatbot


Intelligent digital marketing assistant for small business

Slack Platform Productivity +2

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Hunch Chatbot


Get analytic superpowers in Slack

Slack Platform Productivity +2

2.4K 1 2 Chatbot

Manage your pipeline from any device in Slack

Slack Platform Analytics +2 Sponsored

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Push For Slack Chatbot

Push For Slack

Subscribe to any topic and get major news updates on it as they happen

Slack Platform Productivity +1

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Little Birdie Chatbot

Little Birdie

Get a Slack message when you're mentioned on HN or Reddit

Slack Platform Marketing +1

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Dealbot by Pipedrive Chatbot

Dealbot by Pipedrive

Keep Slack up to date on new deals, deal progress, and wins

Slack Platform Communication +2

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Revere Chatbot


Get critical alerts in Slack for AdWords campaigns and Optimizely experiments

Slack Platform Analytics +1

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