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Now Assistant Chatbot

Now Assistant

Now Assistant is your smart assistant for work, ready to make your workday a breeze.

Amazon Echo Platform Android Platform Cisco Spark Platform Google Assistant Platform iOS Platform Messenger Platform Microsoft Teams Platform Skype Platform Slack Platform Web Platform Telegram Platform  Pro

24.2K 0 0

Mia Excel Helper Chatbot

Mia Excel Helper

Get answers to Microsoft Excel questions quickly

Web Platform

2.0K 0 1

Butter.ai Chatbot


Smart, secure way for your teammates to search across work apps

Slack Platform

935 0 0

Crimson Aegis Chatbot

Crimson Aegis

Data loss prevention for Slack

Slack Platform

5.2K 0 0

Sudo Chatbot


Salesforce assistant bot for Slack

Slack Platform

1.3K 0 0

Wescribe Chatbot


A Chatbot to Incorporate Your Startup in Delaware

Messenger Platform

1.4K 0 2

Docubot Chatbot


Artificial intelligence for legal websites

Web Platform

1.6K 0 1

Gig Bot Chatbot

Gig Bot

Keep track of all your gigs by just sending a message.

Messenger Platform

1.8K 0 1

Niles Chatbot


A wiki you can talk to

Slack Platform

2.3K 0 0

Cloze Chatbot


Relationship Management, Inbox, and Contacts in One App

Slack Platform

1.6K 0 2

Discover Chatbot


Save your Spotify Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists every week!

Messenger Platform

2.4K 0 0

RC_Wordpress Chatbot


Remote content management tool for Wordpress Blog

Telegram Platform

1.6K 0 1