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GGP Shopbot Chatbot

GGP Shopbot

Never miss out on sales and the latest new-in-store items.

Messenger Platform Customer Support +1

30.7K 0 0

Cloudia Chatbot


Automate the communication processes between patients and healthcare institutions

Messenger Platform Customer Support +1

30.8K 0 0

Sparky - Objection Co Chatbot

Sparky - Objection Co

Our bot helps remove unfair reviews for businesses.

Messenger Platform Slack Platform Productivity +1

10.7K 0 1

chatpointment Chatbot


Automated Appointment Bookings.

Messenger Platform Communication +2

10.4K 0 3

Howie Chatbot


by SATURN Deutschland - products (tv & drone), store finder, tech news and customer service

Messenger Platform Customer Support +2

6.9K 0 1

Mokchá Herbal Enterprise Chatbot

Mokchá Herbal Enterprise

A customer service bot.

Messenger Platform Customer Support

5.5K 0 0

Cath's eLearning Bot Chatbot

Cath's eLearning Bot

Information and news in the world of eLearning design and development.

Messenger Platform Communication +5

5.8K 0 0

Boletia Chatbot


Customer Support for event ticketing.

Messenger Platform Customer Support

6.4K 0 1

Jet Chatbot


Information and news in the world of web design, development, and marketing.

Messenger Platform Design +4

3.7K 3 3

Gaia Chatbot


The right way to parenthood

Messenger Platform Personal +6

7.4K 0 0

botsplash Chatbot


Engage your customers over chat platforms

Messenger Platform Web Platform Email Platform SMS Platform Communication +1

9.2K 0 0

JoyUp Chatbot


Your digital marketing assistant

Messenger Platform Web Platform Customer Support

7.7K 0 1